Map Twins

The project started by identifying addresses and real estate (the Address Pairs), but quickly evolved into conversations with neighborhood residents. Tonika eventually brought North and South Side* residents together and documented their exchanges. Below are some photographs featured in the exhibition.
*West Side is in the works.

“I believe that it takes individual one-on-one interaction for us to begin to desegregate our city, because clearly the history of housing policy won’t get us there.”


Nanette, South Side Englewood resident and Wade, North Side Edgewater resident, pose together on Wade’s front porch and in front of the other’s home.

6400 North Hermitage residents, Jon and Paula and 5600 South Hermitage resident Maurice

6500 North Winchester resident, Brighid and her son and 5600 South Winchester resident, Carmen

6900 North Paulina residents, Shu Chan and Anne and 6900 South Paulina resident, Tina